Blockchain innovations: Leo Maurice and Armaghan Fazil on blockchain for IoT


Welcome to the WAGAS Innovation Talks. This podcast offers you an insight into recent innovations in the tech business – driven by research and industry insight. We are talking to researchers and professionals to share their expertise, experience and projects with us.

As a think tank and accelerator, we support tech start-ups and corporations in growing their business. We believe innovation is key to growth and hope to shine light on academic research and experts with real-life industry experience. To learn more, visit and find all our podcast episodes, plus articles and resources to expand your horizon on tech innovations. About Armaghan Fazil and Leo Maurice: Armaghan received his Masters degree from Kedge Business school. He initiated several humanitarian projects during a semester-long leadership program. He worked as Management Assistant at Europ Assistance where he coordinated international operational activities and connected customers with the company’s foreign officers. He then went on to work as a Project Manager at UDV Group Inc, where he was commercial facilitator for multiple high-end international airlines. Today, he is in charge of the business development of Kalima Systems in the United States as Business Development Manager where he works alongside his colleague Leo Maurice who is our guest today as well. Leo is based in Bordeaux in France. He holds a master’s degree in economics and international finance from the Universite de Bordeaux. He has held positions as a Junior Consultant for Kiamo. He went on to be a Commercial Development Strategist for Studcorp. He is currently, Business Developer at Kalima Systems. Kalima is an embedded blockchain technology dedicated to the industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT). Questions:

1) Can you explain the main advantages of blockchain for IoT?

2) Can you give us an example of projects where blockchain has been used for IoT?

3) Could you provide some of the projections that are foreseen in the world for blockchain with its predominant market?

4) What do you think are the next breakthroughs for blockchain applications? Kalima:
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