Cyril Martini on breakthroughs in catalysis


Welcome to the WAGAS Innovation Talks. This podcast offers you an insight into recent innovations in the tech business – driven by research and industry insight. We are talking to researchers and professionals to share their expertise, experience and projects with us. As a think tank and accelerator, we support tech start-ups and corporations in growing their business. We believe innovation is key to growth and hope to shine light on academic research and experts with real-life industry experience. To learn more, visit and find all our podcast episodes, plus articles and resources to expand your horizon on tech innovations. About Cyril Martini: Cyril graduated with a double PhD in Organic Chemistry & Nano science with very honorable mentions, as well as in Molecular Chemistry & Molecular Bioactivity with mentions. His work history and experience include many research and consulting positions. Some of these include DNA-functionalized nanoparticles for biological sensing, cyclamen synthesis from calixarenes – platinum hybrid nanoparticles, discovery of giant calixarenes and optimizing the efficiency of hybrid solar cells (inorganic-organic nanomaterials). He worked on these fields at the University of Paris. He is now the President of NOVECAL. NOVECAL specializes in molecular chemistry and has verified expertise in total synthesis, macrocycle chemistry, coordination chemistry. Questions:

1) How are the catalysts used for pharmaceuticals?

2) How does NOVECAT catalysers bring value to businesses?

3) What are the major breakthroughs/ trends/ needs forseen in the near term for NOVECAT applications?

NOVECAL: Get in touch with us!