Maggie Liu on innovation trends in China


Welcome to the WAGAS Innovation Talks. This podcast offers you an insight into recent innovations in the tech business – driven by research and industry insight. We are talking to researchers and professionals to share their expertise, experience and projects with us. As a think tank and accelerator, we support tech start-ups and corporations in growing their business. We believe innovation is key to growth and hope to shine light on academic research and experts with real-life industry experience. To learn more, visit and find all our podcast episodes, plus articles and resources to expand your horizon on tech innovations. About Maggie Liu: Maggie has worked at the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Trade and Industry, Science and Technology Innovation Commission and other departments. She has over 15 years of experience in high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship as well as business incubation. Since joining Tian An Cyber Park Group in 2017, she has thought outside of the box and beyond the traditional industrial real estate development, by creating the Tian An Innovation and Development Department. She established an innovation and development business system and organizational structure throughout the Group, formed a team of more than 60 people for the innovation and development team. Today, Maggie is the Director of the Innovation and Development Department of Tian An Cyber Park Group. Questions:

1) From your perspective, during this pandemic, what are the strengths of the innovation ecosystem in the Chinese market?

2) What are the main pivots (innovation trends) that you have seen during the pandemic? And what are the new trends and needs?

3) In regards to international collaboration with the Chinese market, what are the new opportunities emerging?

4) If you had to name three big tech platforms with the highest growth rate in the future in china, what are they?

5) How did Tian An Cyber Park Group address the pandemic to make their ecosystem run as usual as an innovation operator? TIAN AN CYBER PARK: Get in touch with us!…