Patent expert Frederic Gaillarde on IP protection in China


Welcome to the WAGAS Innovation Talks. This podcast offers you an insight into recent innovations in the tech business – driven by research and industry insight. We are talking to researchers and professionals to share their expertise, experience and projects with us. As a think tank and accelerator, we support tech start-ups and corporations in growing their business. We believe innovation is key to growth and hope to shine light on academic research and experts with real-life industry experience. To learn more, visit and find all our podcast episodes, plus articles and resources to expand your horizon on tech innovations. About Frederic Gaillarde: Frederic is a judicial patent expert for France and Europe. He received his degree in Business Administration from Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle – CEIPI. He worked at Boisse & Colas as French and European Patent Attorney in Paris for 10 years until he became partner at the law office Germain & Maurau and stayed in that position for 11 years. On top of that, he held a dual position as court appoint & patent expert for the Court of Appeals in Paris. Another one of his career successes is his position as member of the board and treasurer at the European Patent Practitioners and as member of the council at the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office. In 2018 he co-founded the Cabinet FGPI. An all-encompassing patent litigation firm. His work as French and European Patent Attorney includes protecting technical innovations by patents, suing infringers, defending Clients from accused infringement, legal advices and assessment of patent portfolios in France and abroad. Questions:

1) Can you explain the historical differences in IP protection between China and the rest of the world?

2) What are the main evolutions in the past decade that we observed in China regarding IP rights?

3) How can foreign companies effectively protect their IP in China?

4) What are the latest trends between Far East and Western countries in regards to IP protection?

5) What are the top priorities for global IP protection that need to be amended? FGPI:
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