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China’s economic and business environment:

China’s economic and business environment has changed over the past few years. In the past, the focus and strategy for foreign companies were to establish production in mainland China and exporting their goods at lower cost.

Nowadays, the scope of business activity has been increasingly re-oriented towards having a presence in the internal Chinese market.

Due to the slowing growth of western economies, especially during the pandemic that hit all countries since early 2020, foreign enterprises have begun to understand that the Chinese market is a wise choice for those looking to expand their enterprise.

According to China Internet Watch, a recent study revealed that buying power of Chinese consumers has grown about 50% to $6.5 trillion in 2020. Undoubtedly, this means that the mainland is the perfect market to be for businesses wanting to grow within the next few years.
Every company opening an expansion office in China will not only be confronted with a variety of new and diverse consumer behaviors compared to western markets, but also unknown bureaucratic procedures and legal frameworks.

Hence, collaboration with local advisors is recommended in order to avoid any irregular situation that can harm a businesses’ integration into this new market.

According to a recent study of “Business Insider” some of the main difficulties for foreign companies wanting to expand in China will be:

• Cultural differences

• Market accessibility

• Bureaucracy

• Human Resources (i.e. finding qualified workers)

• Administration on licensing and product approvals

• Competition from Chinese companies & other foreign companies

• Lack of equal treatment from domestic companies

• Investment restrictions (i.e. ownership limits)

• Lack of consumer awareness/understanding about products

• The slow pace governmental policy reform

• Intellectual property rights enforcement

Access to Investment

As Asset Managers, WAGAS & its partners will invest in selected cohort companies up to 15 million US dollars.

Our Business acceleration services in China

An adequate soft-landing program:

These hurdles justify the establishment of an adequate soft-landing program in order to levitate the success ratio of foreign innovative companies entering the Chinese economic and business environment. Our Business acceleration services through soft-landing support WAGAS’ soft-landing program has four categories of global services which include:


as a service

Advanced Technicians


Use-case of soft landing services

Whatever your stage, we level up your business to reach your aim

Each innovation & enterprise is unique, therefore we always customize and adapt our soft-landing approach on a case-by-case