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September 13-15 2021
virtual event
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Wagas World Deep Tech Innovation Days II

The Deep Tech Innovation Days is a best-in-class convening of thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts specializing in areas such as artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, digital security, blockchain, mobility, Biomedical & Health Tech, robotics, venture building, emerging technologies and more.

The full three-days conference will bring together prominent minds in deep tech to exchange ideas and create connections that target to shape a better future.

Deep tech entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, corporate innovators, academics, researchers and media members from major innovation hubs around the world will be present.

Event Schedule

Monday 13th September.
Tuesday 14th September.
Wednesday 15th September.

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World Deep Tech
Innovation Days
13-15 2021

Full three-day conference To exchange ideas and create connections

GATHERING Deep tech entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, corporate innovators, academics, researchers and media members globally
Our Deep Tech Innovation Days will help you:

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With nearly 4,000,000 minutes of broadcasted meetings since the beginning of 2020, our platform is simple, robust and reliable. It’s user friendly: No software to install, all you need is to give access to your camera and microphone … connect & start networking!

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After opening your member area, you fill in your presentation form and choose your participation formula. Your registration will then be subject to validation by the organizing committee of the event.

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When the catalog opens, one month before the event, you select and solicit the contacts you want to meet. A predictive algorithm gives you priority access to the participants meeting your needs: a considerable time saving !

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A few days before the event, you will receive your optimized appointment schedule, including the appointments validated by both parties, as well as the conferences you wish to attend.

Monday September 13, Tuesday September 14 & Wednesday September 15 2021 Take part in the Deep Tech Innovation Days online: attend your meetings, and conferences. (You can also request on-the-go meetings via the networking function)
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Each Online Meetings & Conferences PASS includes:

A presentation sheet that allows you to detail your offer or your needs.

Access to the catalog of participants classified by relevance matching your profile.

An audio and video test module to be ready on D-Day. Up to twelve online appointments scheduled in advance. Access to the contact details of the participants that have accepted your meeting requests. Share your documents and screen during your business meetings in a secure manner. A permanent assistance hotline before and during the event. Access to innovative and exclusive online conferences.

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