Wagas Group

Vision and Mission Statements

World Accelerators for Growth in Advanced Sciences
WAGAS creates business growth hacking programs, creating a win-win scheme for corporates & start-ups, using globalization to nurture & boost international innovation cooperation.

Vision Statements

WAGAS believes in empowering enterprises by creating collaborations between startups, corporates and investors. Our programs will allow innovators to develop concepts, seek expert’s advice, get funded and outperform expectations.
WAGAS has a unique ecosystem to nurture & accelerate developments for international commercialization of talented experts’ ideas, projects & start-ups in cybernetics or emerging technologies.

Mission Statements

Promote an information age mindset toward innovation that runs counter to the secrecy and silo mentality of traditional corporate research labs.
WAGAS breaks silos to nurture and accelerate innovation bridging gaps between brilliant ideas, on the bench side, and realization, with concrete customer projects opportunities.


WAGAS investment team are deep tech specialists, richly experienced, multi-functional across similar sectors over the last two decades.

We have a track record of several exits in past careers with average IRR @58% p.a. over 3-5 years which attained superior returns through commercial and operational inputs to deep tech deals.
WAGAS Advisors have proprietary deals and mature insights with decades of experience and know-how, cross-sector early-stage development experience.
Extensive EMENA and global networks, a culture of entrepreneurship, strong corporate governance, rigorous financial discipline, and controls.

WAGAS experienced investment team to complement disruptive business models and visionary managements by:

Providing proactive inputs on macro strategy, operations and business development areas;
Ensuring focused execution of business plans by aligning people, process and technology;
maximizing Fund IRR through timing and selection of appropriate mode from multiple exit options.

Company Milestones

Development of the first version for ORISECURE software
Development of the first version for ORIQUBITS’ Hybrid Data Accelerator model
Development of the ORISIM platform for AR/VR content creation
Establishment of WAGAS – a Think Tank & VC firm
Establishment of WAGAS’ first Innovation Park
$1B + Capitalisation

Company History

World Accelerators for Growth in Advanced Sciences (WAGAS) was founded by 7 members in 2016.
From local ideas Globe Spanning cutting edge tech
The birth of a globalized vision of innovation
Since then, it has established offices in Paris France, London UK & Tel Aviv Israel.
Lately in 2020 it has completed a full comprehensive partnership with the city of Taizhou in China.