Wagas Group

Advanced Techies

  • Maximize Innovation, Agility & Growth

WAGAS Advanced techies Soft-landing​

To address these key issues the soft-landing program shall include staff members whom will be dedicated:
Tech Competitiveness
Dedicated engineers’ scientists, academics and more for R&D support
Government Subsidies
Dedicated subject matter experts to apply for grants and government subsidies
DevOps experts
Dedicated engineers, programmers, developers, data analysts and more for your product updates
Open Innovation with Industry
Dedicated technical pre-sales and engineers for the implementation of PoCs with customers

Fulfilling the demand for technological “hot skills”

At WAGAS, we provide customized talent augmentation strategies leverage diverse expertise, optimize resources, and promote inclusivity for sustainable success.

Customized Strategies for Talent Augmentation

  • Team Collaboration

  • We foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing between your internal team and our team of experts to create a holistic talent augmentation plan that fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.
  • Business Strategy

  • We analyze your challenges and goals to develop a customized strategy that leverages your existing workforce and identifies where talent augmentation can maximize innovation and growth.
  • Augmentation Plan

  • We provide a comprehensive plan that outlines how talent augmentation will be integrated into your organization, detailing roles, responsibilities, and deliverables for optimal success.

Leveraging Diverse Expertise to Achieve Growth​

Our talent pool consists of a diverse range of professionals from all around the world, with expertise in various disciplines. We align their skills with your business goals to achieve growth and success.

Optimizing Resources to Maximize Innovation

  • Efficient Resource Allocation

  • Our talent augmentation strategies help you allocate resources not only optimally, but also efficiently — meaning your team can work more productively and focus on the tasks that truly matter.
  • Tailored Innovation Support

  • We work with your team to identify areas for innovation and then provide tailored support through our pool of specialists, with hands-on experience in areas like R&D, product development, and others.
  • Agile Workforce Planning

  • Our model is a user-friendly, efficient and one that promotes diversity, inclusivity, innovation and agility which can help you stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing business environment.