Wagas Group


WAGAS has built a selection program with pre-defined sectors of activities as well as processes and procedures from the pre-sourcing to the exit.

Candidates selection programs


  • The selection program is initiated by a clear and concise strategy on targeted sectors. Monitoring and defining new objectives according to trends and new evolutions of market needs are defined regularly as initiated by the Board Members’ resolutions.
  • Criterion to define sectors of interest are based primarily on existing channels and key indicators of sustainable growth on the market. 
  • It is important for increasing earnings to identify and prioritize high-level fields of disruptive technologies to invest in, while considering strategic synergies with corporates and potential customers.
  • It was paramount, to aim sectors which are well known to the founding team of WAGAS to avoid thinning endeavors in supporting a company whose products or services will not benefit entirely from the soft-landing business growth programs.
  • WAGAS has access to publications and support of world-renowned researchers and talented technology experts worldwide which help define continuously these sectors and fine tune the objectives of our screening process.
  • The sectors initially screened with strong CAGR are described in the following figure such as Deep tech sectors poised to deliver +47% revenue CAGR.

To define a strategy, review and select focused sectors.

To select partners and allies from its ecosystem capable of nurturing deal flows.


  • WAGAS has built an extensive ecosystem of governmental institutions, accelerators, innovation hubs, universities and fortune 500 companies which will support through their partnerships the sourcing of companies.
  • WAGAS has initiated the partnerships by clearly defining objectives, mutual benefits, action plans and strategies with each partner. 


Sourcing portfolio companies will be mainly sourced through three channels of recommendations:
  • The sourcing stage needs a close follow-up from WAGAS team members to communicate appropriately all related information about our programs and collect submissions with related documentations pertaining to each company. 
  • Once all documentation is adequately and entirely gathered, a file is constituted for each company, which will then be assessed by the evaluation team during the staged evaluation of companies. 

To Receive Initial Submissions Of Interested Companies.

Staged Evaluation of Companies

The staged evaluation process of portfolio companies must be meticulously documented and supported by evidence for each statement.
WAGAS evaluation team conducting the initial screening will be established by:

– Investment experts: to assess financial viability of candidates

– Business & go-to-market strategists: to assess potentialities of market introduction

– Technical experts: to assess technical differentiators and competitiveness

– Enterprise psychologist experts: to assess if companies are professionally managed and operated

– Legal experts: to assess liabilities, contractual boundaries and frameworks
Without being exhaustive, criterion of evaluation must include, that portfolio candidates:

– Have a minimum of two years of existence

– Have an affiliation with an innovation centre

– Have a commercially of the shelf product

– Be seeking to extend their market intercontinentally.

– Be generating revenues with existing customers, nearing break-even point or profitability

– Have a team size between 5-20 employees

– Be professionally managed and operated

– Be an adaptive spin-off bootstrapped at an early stage of the idea creation without too much dilution
Commit within three years of investment:
Have a team size between 20-30 Employees
Be seeking investment within our range of individual portfolio ticket size: 500,000 to 15,000,000 EURO
To Conduct Adequately The Due Diligence Of Each Portfolio Company.
The initial screening processes will be concluded by a pre-selection of candidates and ended by a “panel pitch” in front of a jury.
The jury conducting the “Panel Pitch” & “Panel Reviews” are constituted by:
Senior members of the Board of Investors Special Committee
Senior members of WAGAS Group
Keynote figures in the related industry
Academics or institutional members
Corporate customers representatives


Panel Reviews are consultations from both Board of Investors Special Committee & WAGAS executives which need to agree on a case-by-case to invest and collaborate with a given candidate.

Following consultation and results of the Panel Reviews a selection of candidates will be awarded the graduation status of member of a “Cohort”.

The outcomes of the “Graduation” will underpin the official & mutual legal binding step that will trigger:

– Equity based investments to launch foreign activities.

– Dedicated soft-landing platform for all strategic activities.

To Award Selected Companies.

To Initiate Value Added Services On Strategic Activities.


Our business accelerator program accepts companies of at scale-up stage.

Our goal is to establish innovative enterprises in new business environments & foreign markets as well as to cultivate a smooth working relationship between them and ourselves.

We would much rather guide your growth process than weigh you down during the initial steps.

We will raise funds for you with large reputable & vested investors to insure the largest investment possible.

We will seek to renew your rounds of investment on your behalf.

In short we will make every step of your venture easy. At the moment we have over a dozen successful ventures, servicing also other clients & partners who are please with our services. These include startups from deep tech to blockchain.


To invest agreed amounts regularly while monitoring performance and milestones.

We offer a five-step investment & growth program

Services 1.0 Basic Needs:
This should include Property needs & Life needs.
These initials steps typically go as follows. WAGAS assists in handling all contract finalizations which most likely include translations as well as some type of legal services to ensure proper space is allotted. Life Needs should cover such services as initial hires, advertisement campaigns Access to proper equipment and maintenance services.

Most importantly at this stage WAGAS undertakes any & all cultural facilitation which depending on specific needs may entail the use of on the ground team.
Service 2.0 Government affairs services business services talents services, etc.
This step naturally covers all Government related contracts and guidelines to ensure a smooth transition into the Chinese Market sphere. Also keeping your business agreements and requirements up to date.
Service 3.0 Finance Exhibition personnel This stage will encompass renewal of grants and/or other investments.
We will connect you with large exhibition and industrial parks to increase your market exposure. As far as personnel we can certainly provide expert advisors as well suggest key hire to guarantee quality output & maximum growth.
Service 4.0 Development Needs IP, International market, technology resources, high-end scientific research personnel, etc
This stage will see to it that you have your very own IP network, That with our guidance & assistance you will a participant in the international with fully referenced & quality tested product & name recognition. Partners will also have access to the latest deep tech maintenance & development services. These moves will result in highly skilled reputable hires.
Service 5.0 transformation Stage
This final Stage will depends on the exact needs of each partner and/or client. Therefore, it is adaptable to each individual plan and projection.


To support companies in their exit strategies until completion of objectives.