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Talent Augmentation

  • Maximize Innovation, Agility & Growth with Talent Augmentation

Fulfilling the demand for technological “hot skills”

  • Skills that are greatly in-demand, or ‘hot skills,’ vary between regions & cities. A hot skill is one that is scarcely available for at least one of four reasons:
The technology is so new that very few people have experience using it (novel scarcity);
Very few people have experience with the technology within a given geography (regional scarcity);
Very few people with experience are using the technology in a given industry (slow adaptation)
Demand is largely due to outside pressures such as a regulatory change, so the demand for talent with the skill(s) outstrips supply

At WAGAS, we provide customized talent augmentation strategies leverage diverse expertise, optimize resources, and promote inclusivity for sustainable success.

Customized Strategies for Talent Augmentation

  • New Workforce Revolution

  • The market is changing rapidly, and we help you keep up with the times. We provide you with a revolutionary workforce that’s equipped with the right resources to navigate these times.
  • Boost Your Business Output

  • With years of experience in different niches, we carefully tailor strategies that consider your unique business goals and serve to enhance your output.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve

  • In the face of a highly competitive environment, our customized strategies help you stay ahead of your competition by fostering the creativity, innovation, and agility you need to thrive.
  • Team Collaboration

  • We foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing between your internal team and our team of experts to create a holistic talent augmentation plan that fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.
  • Business Strategy

  • We analyze your challenges and goals to develop a customized strategy that leverages your existing workforce and identifies where talent augmentation can maximize innovation and growth.
  • Augmentation Plan

  • We provide a comprehensive plan that outlines how talent augmentation will be integrated into your organization, detailing roles, responsibilities, and deliverables for optimal success.

Leveraging Diverse Expertise to Achieve Growth​

Our talent pool consists of a diverse range of professionals from all around the world, with expertise in various disciplines. We align their skills with your business goals to achieve growth and success.

Optimizing Resources to Maximize Innovation

  • Efficient Resource Allocation

  • Our talent augmentation strategies help you allocate resources not only optimally, but also efficiently — meaning your team can work more productively and focus on the tasks that truly matter.
  • Tailored Innovation Support

  • We work with your team to identify areas for innovation and then provide tailored support through our pool of specialists, with hands-on experience in areas like R&D, product development, and others.
  • Agile Workforce Planning

  • Our model is a user-friendly, efficient and one that promotes diversity, inclusivity, innovation and agility which can help you stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing business environment.
  • Specialists

  • Our team is highly skilled and experienced, providing unique insights and ideas to help you achieve unparalleled results.
  • Tools and Technical Assistance

  • We provide the right tools and technical assistance to help you with your endeavors, from ideation to implementation.
  • Cost-effective

  • We help you optimize your resources by determining the core functions of your business and applying cost-effective measures that minimize wastage.

Inclusivity for Sustainable Success

  • Growing Demand for Inclusivity

  • Inclusivity increasingly plays a major role in the world of today, from identifying and mitigating implicit bias to recognizing the need to promote equality in all its forms across business processes
  • Our Approach

  • With our inclusive approach, we identify, assess, and plan resources to match your unique business structure and goals, paying close attention to the cultural competencies and open lines of communication with our effective, inclusive strategies.
  • Drive Results with Inclusivity

  • Not only is inclusivity the right thing to do, but it’s also good for business. The positive outcomes and favorable results of inclusivity have been documented time and time again, making it a smart investment.
  • Expanding Diversity & Inclusion

  • We provide training and resources to support cultural intelligence within the organization — expanding skills and knowledge to increase cross-cultural competence, communication and understanding to drive team success.
  • Building Cultural Competence

  • We provide training and resources to support cultural intelligence within the organization — expanding skills and knowledge to increase cross-cultural competence, communication and understanding to drive team success.
  • Ensuring Sustainable Growth

  • Our goal is always to support our clients in achieving long-term, sustainable growth by integrating talent augmentation with strategic planning and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Forward-Thinking Sustainability Strategies

  • Our forward-thinking sustainability strategies help our clients achieve long-term sustainability and success without compromising their current needs.
  • Transparent Goal-Setting

  • We maintain continued contact with our clients to discuss goals, progress, and areas of improvement, creating objective goals with an action plan to reach them.
  • Flexible Metrics and Improvements

  • We use flexible metrics to ensure improvement and management of industry benchmarks.

Partnering with Us for Unparalleled Workforce Performance

  • Expert Partner

  • Our expert team works closely with your internal team to develop and implement a customized strategy that helps you achieve your business goals — with direct support from our expert talent pool.
  • Sustainable Growth

  • Our talent augmentation model is designed to support long-term, sustainable growth — both in terms of business outcomes and social responsibility. We aim to create value not only for our partners, but for society as a whole.
  • Unmatched Success

  • We are committed to maximizing innovation, agility and growth by ensuring that our talent pool is perfectly aligned with our clients’ business, culture and growth goals. Together, we’ll achieve unsurpassed workforce performance.
  • Promoting Human Connection

  • We prioritize promoting human interaction, socialization, and elevated communication to foster teamwork and minimize conflict.
  • Employee Growth

  • We provide customized plans that cater to the individual growth and development of employees.
  • Improved Productivity

  • We take a systematic approach to address the productivity levels of our clients.

Successful Case Study of Talent Augmentation

  • Industry

  • Innovation
  • Challenge

  • Innovation program management
  • Solution

  • Provided the client with a team of skilled experts to lead the validation and execution of innovative initiatives at scale.
  • Outcome

  • The client was able to augment their team while still maintaining agility, and were able to disrupt and innovate in a way that competitors could not keep up with.