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As Asset Managers, WAGAS & its partners will invest in selected cohort companies up to 15 million US dollars.

– Panel Reviews are consultations from WAGAS & executive partners which need to agree on a case-by-case to invest and collaborate with a given candidate.

– Following consultation and results of the Panel Reviews a selection of candidates will be awarded the graduation status of “Cohort member”.

– The outcomes of the “Graduation” will underpin the official & mutual legal binding step that will trigger release of capital & post-investment soft-landing activities.
Throughout our engagements, our key experts, aided by an extensive database of tailored Public subsidies, manage getting funding and other financial support for your innovative projects.
Deploying Support End-to-End to relieve you from burdensome activities:

Access to Public Funding - Nurturing & optimizing your cashflow

An adequate soft-landing program to levitate the success ratio of market penetration​.

Meeting the necessary requirements at all growth stages of enterprises development.

Centered on the enterprises numerous challenges at diverse growth stages, our Access to Market programs is suitable for all needs:

Access to Market - We break down Barrier