Wagas Group

Strategic Functions

Innovation Lead

  • Develops and implements innovation strategy, fosters external collaborations.

Finance & Investment Lead

  • Oversees financials, manages investments, and cultivates investor relationships.

Accelerator & Soft-landing Lead

  • Manages accelerator programs, mentors’ startups, facilitates soft-landing initiatives.

Ecosystems Lead

  • Builds and strengthens ecosystem, fosters partnerships, and community engagement.

Board & Advisors

  • Provides strategic oversight, expertise, and industry insights for organization.

Chapters, Commissions, Tech Councils

  • Leads or participates in specialized focus areas, drives initiatives, collaborates.

Finance & Investment

Johnathan Partouche

  • Founder

Christian Finan

  • Venture Capital/ Private Equity Director

William Deng

  • Venture Capital/ Private Equity Director


Pierluigi Coscia

Ecosystem & Enterprise Satisfaction Director

Asher Miller

Legal Counsel & Compliance Expert

Accelerator & Soft-landing

Open Innovation

Simon Clifford

Strategy & Innovation Lead Gov. Relations Director

Martin Perez

AI Ecosystem and Adoption Director

Lucca Xu

Research Engineer Manager

Regional Chapters

Jean-François Benon

CEEVO Director

Michel Jonqueres

President Medef Val d’Oise –MEVO Int’

Bai Yunfei

President Sincode Science & Technology Group Co

Cindy Xin Lei

CEO Sincode Science & Technology Group Co