Wagas Group

Our Ecosystem

We build bridges

Expand your business and enter foreign markets with the support of our global ecosystem.

Our civilization is continuously evolving & moving quickly towards a faster digitization of our surroundings bringing both amazing opportunities, and yet new threats or hurdles.

At Wagas, our mission is to create a universal purposed ecosystem, building category-leading spin-offs that help our society accelerate its digital transformation agendas and prosper.

Our Network

We Connect.
WAGAS has a unique network of experts’ ideas, projects & start-ups in cybernetics or emerging technologies.

Government and Institutions

Government Agencies and Universities will support growth with a cross-disciplinary approach allowing participants to access our think tank services helping them focus on innovation and efficiency.

Corporate Network & Open Innovation

Various enterprises from multiple backgrounds have joined our ecosystem both accelerating innovation and go-to-market strategies.