Wagas Deep Tech Innovation Days 


The introductory Deep Tech Innovation Days is a best-in-class convening of thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts specializing in areas such as artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, digital security, blockchain, mobility, Biomedical & Health Tech, robotics, venture building, emerging technologies and more.

The full two-days conference will bring together prominent minds in deep tech to exchange ideas and create connections that target to shape a better future. Deep tech entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, corporate innovators, academics, researchers and media members from major innovation hubs around the world will be present.

The Deep Tech Innovation Days is proudly presented by WAGAS Group, and partners. WAGAS supports innovative enterprises through access to investments, and post-investment support resources in erecting client traction & markets penetration. WAGAS is a leading “plug and play” platform where complementing international expansion support and financing operate side by side in an extraordinary concept.